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Friday, August 6, 2010

Whistle Pig!

OK normally, if I discovered a Whistle Pig (ground hog) near my garden, I would not be --- pleased.   However, the other day this particular piggy was delighting on the apple scraps from my compost pile.  I could not help thinking he (perhaps she) was cute as it reached for apple bits and gobbled them up one by one.   So - taking my advice from a previous post, I quickly seized the moment and did a quick painting - posted here.

The first time I heard the words "whistle pig" I was attending Music on the Square in Jonesborough.  A very whimsical group from Asheville, NC sang a song about this creature.   Of course, I had to Goggle it when I got home. -- hahh - a ground hog or wood chuck.   Interesting.   I think whistle pig sounds much more interesting than ground hog. 

However amused I was, next time I throw something tasty into the compost, I'll be sure to bury it -- deep!


  1. I love it! So cute.... We've had them in our garden too, but I've never had the heart to "deal" with them.... too cute. Josh and I befriended a "whistle pig" in my parents' back yard a few years ago - we actually got to hear him whistle. It's SO loud that it scares you to death if you're not expecting it! I love this piece - are you going to do prints?

  2. Beth - you are so kind to comment. And thanks also for your e-mail tonight! I have so much to learn. I hadn't thought about printing this piggy - but perhaps I will and give it a go at the Farmers Market. I would love to hear one whistle - guess the closest I'll get to that is the stuttering whistle pig on Winnie the Pooh. If a whistle pig could talk, I'm sure they would sound just like the one that is Pooh's friend.

  3. Ginny, Wow...if I could only use watercolor the way you do I'd be one happy camper! Would love for you to link into my new directory of the "creatively inclined" over at! ♥