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Monday, August 2, 2010

Some Things Won't Wait

A few days ago I got a bag of apples from some friends.   So crisp and sweet/tart.   The thing is, they needed to be dealt with quickly, as do so many other things in my garden.   Produce is not the least bit concerned about my "schedule".   The fast ripening fruit and veggies will not wait for me to find a convenient time to can, cook or freeze them.   If I to not make time to deal with these apples, they may spoil and that would be a shame.  

So it is with moments of creativity.   When an idea comes to me, sometimes it is fleeting.   I need to take a moment to sketch it out, or write it down, or record a melody so I can work on it later.   

Life lesson - don't let the little golden nuggets of life slip away.  There is always another moment to do the things that will wait.   Creativity is delicate!


  1. Welcome!!! i look forward to visiting more:O) Love the apples:O)

  2. Another one that I love - they look SO REAL! Amazing! Love the lighting too.... Hope you got your produce dealt-with! :o)

  3. Your work is very pretty and beautifully painted.